London Edition Volume II – London, England

December 31, 2006

London, England

London Edition Volume II

Happy New Years Eve!  I just left what I now know is loving called the K-house (KJUK or YWCA in Norweigian) by those that frequent the place and have moved onto stay w/ my friend’s friend’s flat for the next two day before departing for Dubai 🙂


So as I mentioned in my last blog, my friends came in on Friday morning and I ended-up meeting them out at Paddington Station to greet their arrival.  Oh, before that went to the British Museum that morning.  Glad I went — I can’t believe how much archelogoical finds the museum had. I spent about 3 hours there and only got through about 1/3 of the place!  Just enough to see the Enlightenment, Africa, Greece & Egypt exhibits.  I must say I think my favorite was the Tree of Life that artists in Mogadishu created out of disassembled / cut-up machine guns.


So anyway, my friends came in and we hung out the rest of the day in Camden Town where they’re staying.  They were all quite jet lagged so walking around the local area seemed most appropriate.  Camden Town is not the typical tourist hang-out… there’s lots of markets, lots of interesting characters (think everything from goth to grundge) – it’s an interesting place to run into what looks like every 1980’s London rocker!After having a cider or two and some chips I vamonosed along back to Holland Park before it got too late to take the Tube.  Then when I got back to the house dressed for bed and then was asked by one of the roommates if I wanted to go with the Norweigian girls for a beer at a local pub….  Good times and interesting talks.


Okay – I’m going to rush this along since I’m about to go have coffee w/ Jesse while Jamie & Heidi get ready.  Long story short – and I’ll write more tomorrow – ended up in Bath yesterday.  Went to the Roman Baths, Jane Austen Centre, the Pig & Fiddle and almost made it to Stonehendge but the tickets were sold out.  Still having a great time and Jamie, Heidi, Jesse & Dave are great travel partners……. 








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