Happy New Year – A Flat in London, England

January 1, 2007

A Flat in London, England


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  The theme of last night’s new years is….  apparently the English don’t celebrate like we Americans do.  There were a TON of people in Piccadilly Circus (think of it as London’s version — well sort of — of Times Square or at least it has a similar look with all the lights and huge screens) which had no ball drop, no happy new year written on the screens just about a million or so police officers in neon green jackets and a heck of a lot of foreigners.

So backing the train-up…. yesterday went to the Natural History Museum which was fun but apparently not the thing to do on a Sunday when every local has holiday and thinks the best idea is to bring the kids to a free museum.  Lots of crowds.   A few too many Herbie’s (bottlenecks) in the Mammal exhibit and couldn’t even get into the Dinosaur exhibit but did see a fascinating demonstration on sediment.  LOL.  Jamie has a friend in-town we met and went to a local pub for lunch…. then thought it was a good idea to walk to Buckingham Palace – not such a good idea when it’s freeeeeeezing out with lots of wind.

Last night for New Years we had reservations at Senor Sassi’s — cute small little Italian place near Harrod’s.  I had an amazing Crepoline de formaggio (basically a crepe w/ ricotta cheese, spinach and some creme sauce).   Was really really good.  Went from there to a pub in Leicester Square…  Turns out this place was like Scottsdale-East.  Not a usual pub but more of an American place…. but it wasn’t too busy (surprise surprise) and so we hung around there playing pool and enjoying our beers.  Just before midnight we walked through the tundra of people and police officers in Leicester Square went towards Trafalgar but didn’t quite make it with all the people and actually ended-up in the wrong direction in Picadilly Circus.  You’d think there would be a 10-9-8…. etc.  Or at least a Happy New Years music or SOMETHING.  Everyone stood there looking at the screen (which never said anything other than Sanyo) and a few minutes after mid-night a few amateur fireworks went off and we called it New Years.  Was actually a lot of fun even though there was no official blowing of the horns, toasting which champagne (which we actually did before that and then again a few hours later).  Bars also close a bit early here so went back to Scottsdale-East bar had 1/2 a beer and was kicked-out because of closing.  Ended-up back at the flat (after partaking in a Falafel) playing Spoons, rummy & tricks (lots of card games on this trip).  So now it’s 12:45p.m. I’ve been up for a few hours and everyone else is still sleeping…….  Maybe it was the 5a.m. bedtime!

Alright…. off I go to get some coffee (love the espresso here!)  Happy New Years everyone!  I’m off to Dubai tomorrow so hopefully will be able to write after I get there from somewhere!




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