The “incident,” Dubai and more… – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

January 03,  2007

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The “incident”, Dubai and more…

Oh yes, there has now been an “incident” on the trip (though nothing to be concerned about, everyone is fine).  So the last day in London Heidi & Jamie left to fly onto Tanzania.  The rest of us, including 4 flatmates & significant others, went out for an Indian dinner.  Was VERY good food….  then walked back to the flat.  Got in and discovered Barrett’s laptop missing but Jesse’s was sitting right next to it so thought Susan (flatmate) must have taken his on accident thinking it was hers.  I walk down to the room I was staying in and found it strange that the rug looked disturbed and my clothes from the previous night were in the middle of the floor (not where I left them).  Looked down and the camcorder that was charging (and converter) were missing…..  yup, can you believe this!??!  There flat was burglarized while we were at dinner.  Very strange – though – 3 laptops stolen (we counted and figured there were 8 available in the house no idea why they didn’t take the others), the camcorder, DP’s ipod, camera (not mine) which was right next to $40 which was NOT taken, and a toilettries bag.  Yes, that’s right – a toilettries bag which thankfully didn’t have the owners Malaria pills in it.  And my camera which was sitting right out in the open also wasn’t taken – only the camcorder & converter of mine (thankfully since Mom just gave the camera for Xmas).  So, needless to say I didn’t sleep well that night for fright that someone was still in the flat (though we did check every closet and nook in the place).  I had also just taken my Malaria pill with possible side effects of:  “the feeling that someone is trying to harm you” yes, that’s what it says in the instructions for this apparent drug.  Luckily, I didn’t have any side effects including the anxiety, hallucinations and depression that were likely.  I did, however, have a few vivid dreams.


So did make it bright and early on my plane to Dubai.  Emirates is an AWESOME airline.  On the TV in front of you they not only have the 15 TV channels w/ movies, but 40 music stations AND about the same number of video games.  Yes, that’s right.  I played Tetris on the way to Dubai (other games available were everything from Poker to Chinese Checkers).  I will say it is VERY strange looking at the airview map and seeing that you’re flying over the border or Iraq and then over Saudi Arabia to get here.  Dubai looks just like Phoenix from the air….  and actually not too far away from it on land either (desert wise).

The best way to describe the city is to say it’s somewhere between a cross of Miami (beaches), Orlando (Disneyland) and Vegas (hotels, nightlife, etc).  It is definitely one big work in process.  There’s construction everywhere….  very very very modern city that is only 40 years old.  Apparently voted “safest city” by Conde Nast too….  I can definitely tell.  This may also be the most diverse place I have ever been as well.  I only wish I knew the different sects each of the robes identifies.  So, anyway, got in late last night… Rachel & Soogie are arriving shortly.  So, have just worked-out, relaxed and enjoyed the FABULOUS hotel we’re staying at in the meantime.

I do hope everything is well with everyone back home!  Based on the time-change, I figure I’m officially half-way around the world at this point 🙂  Oh – and impressively I haven’t had much jet lag despite the 7 hour change in London and then another 4 hour change here in Dubai.




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