And the adventures continue – San Diego to Bangkok, Thailand

February 21, 2008

From San Diego, prelude to Thailand

And the adventures continue…

As most everyone that knows me knows…  and if you don’t know then you don’t know me…. or haven’t read my blog…


Every year since who knows when I’ve compiled a list of goals / aspirations for the year.   Not NY-Resolution “lose 30 pounds” goals… (okay, not to be misleading I am that person as well) but the type of goals that align with the greater “things I want to do while I’m alive” list.  Yes, the now trendy “bucket list.”  Can I just repeat that I hate the now trendy version of life goals commonly referred to as bucket lists?  Bucket lists are destined to go down the same path as NY Resolutions, i.e. become meaningless promises that align with a social norm.  That’s why we don’t come up with trendy names  – trendy names lead to ritual and hence empty components of life.  Okay, stepping off the soap box….


So one of my goals of the year was to make headway on my personal aspiration to visit all continents.  I haven’t been to Asia, South America or Antarctica and so I was destined to spend my 1/2 day of earned vacation time in one of these locations.  I am dying to go to Machu Picchu and stay in Gringo Bill’s Hostal in Cusco (no, I don’t know Bill or his hostal).  But then my friend, Jesse, called talking about a trip to Thailand.  Now you know I can’t say no to travel but with 1/2 day of accrued time there’s definitely an opportunity cost to saying yes to the trip to Thailand (i.e. forfeiting Machu Picchu).  But then I thought about it and decided (1) I’ve heard Thailand is awesome  (2) what happens if I can’t find anyone to go to Machu Picchu with me (3)  Barrett and Marcie that are also going are great travel buddies (you’ll recall Barrett was the resident of the flat in London that was broken into in my trip last year — see previous entries).    But the real kicker came in thought #4…  I just know my friend is going to go and send me his pictures and I’m going to take one look at them and think “man, I should have just gone.” 


And so…  I jump online.  Verify frequent flier miles.  Book.  I’M GOING TO THAILAND!!!!!!!!! 


Tomorrow I’m off – on yet another adventure.   This is the point that I’d usually tell you my itinerary but truth be told I’m not all too sure on what that entails.  Did I mention we don’t have plans for where we’re staying?  We have flights from Bangkok to Krabi for a few days, up to Chiang Mai for a few days back to Bangkok and then it’s over!  We think we may scuba in Krabi – perhaps some elephant safari in Chiang Mai and must do traditional Thai massage in Bangkok.  But other than that… who knows!?!? 


If I find internet access (and time) I’ll share…  until then 🙂





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