Reason #1000+ why you should never get on a plane with me… – Krabi, Thailand

February 24, 2008

Krabi, Thailand

Reason #1000+ why you should never get on a plane with me…

Yes, that’s right.  If you don’t know my previous horrid stories of plane rides ask me when I get back…  I have a bad track record and it just got worse…  So plane out of San Diego into Seattle.  No troubles.  Seattle to Toyko…  9 1/2 hours – no troubles.  Until…  air pockets.  I’m not kidding when I say this extremely large plane was tossed around like a basketball.   Felt like we were on a roller coaster – over the Pacific Ocean (i hate flying over watter).  Out of no where we dropped a few thousand feet, turned on one side, another pocket hit, turned on the other side.  Air pockets aren’t turbulance – I can’t tell you the physics behind it but can tell you your stomach literally drops cause it feels like you’re falling out of the air.  We weaved and turned up, down, side, side…  Every person around me including my travel buddy got sick.  Poor Jesse got sick twice over.  No, it was not fun.  And yes, after about 30 minutes and I was trying extremely hard NOT to think of past flights, my bad luck or anything else that could go wrong.


But then we landed and all was well.  Pounded a beer and got on the next flight 🙂  Arrived in Bangkok last night and spent the night there.  Today off on another flight down to Krabi.  Actually Ao Nang.  IT IS GORGEOUS HERE…  I’ve had a Thai massage for the equivalent of $1.50, a few beers for about the same price and relaxed exploring the town and laying around the beach.  I can’t do this place justice – you’ll have to go on google images and look it up.  We’re off to some island or another (don’t know which yet) tomorrow.  OH and you could probably guess that we’ve found a place to stay both in Bangkok and here.  The place in Bangkok was $30 for a “resort” (really, it wasn’t a resort but was pretty nice) for the room and transfer to and from the airport.  I’m serious.


Okay, my friend just walked up with a crepe and I’m hungry.  This is crazy… can’t believe I’m here and have as you can imagine renewed my dream of retiring at 40 to travel the world.  Anyone have a plan for how I’m going to make enough money before then to support myself?!? 🙂 





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