Flying Monkeys, Hung Island & Men in Planes – Krabi, Thailand

February 27, 2008

Krabi, Thailand

Flying Monkeys, Hung Island & Men in Planes

This is probably going to be short… or at least as short as I can make things…  cause I’m on my way out soon.


So let’s see I think I left you last after we met up with Barrett and Marcie.  So here’s the quick update from then forward…


Flying Monkeys…  yes, apparently Thailand has flying monkeys that attach themselves to you.  Especially if you’re holding (or taunting them with) a banana.


Hung Island…  one of four islands we visited via speedboat on day 2 – snorkeled, sun bathed & sea kayaked.  Apparently getting stuck in caves is the thing to do.  Okay, not stuck but it was a close call.  The scenery was seriously amazing.  Limestone cliffs & caves, blue waters, lots and lots of islands.  I particularly enjoyed the swing on the first island and the Changs served on Hung Island.  Something about chilling in a blue lagoon beer in hand that just screams “no cares”


Found out that night from a few new Swedish friends that apparently there was a Tsunami warning…  2 days earlier…  yup, we had no clue that there was an earthquake off of Indonesia.  No worries, you can see the new warning sirens and evacuation signs everywhere so if something did happen we would have been fleeing into the mountains. 


More beach town, beach running & laziness the following day.  I did pick up a few good shopping bargains as well 🙂 


Then we’re off to Chaing Mai!  Our transfer flight was cancelled out of Bangkok (no luck i tell you), 3 hours, more Changs and a few games of Skip Bo & cards and were finally off to northern Thailand. 


Men on Planes…  apparently the guy sitting next to me in the exit row thought it appropriate to freak out on the way to Chaing Mai.   He looked ready to open the exit door mid-air.  But we did land safely in Chaing Mai and found ourselves a hotel right inside the city gates.


Went exploring and found a place to watch some Thai boxing.  There are more lady boys and transgender in this country — including the entertainment during the match.  Which lead to an interesting discussion on what it is about Thailand that stimulates … or perhaps it’s what is it about the US that suppresses transgendered individuals.  Anyway, enjoyed the Night Bazaar, a bar, a game of pool- a few friends (a screaming 4 year old and a brazilian) later we crashed in the $15/night Top North Guest house.


Which bring us about 3 days later to present day… we changed hotels to a bit more pricey ($50/night) place that has fresh towels and warm water.  Went out today and saw a number of the Wats (buddhist temples, etc.) in Chaing Mai, a veggie restaurant, got another Thai Massage for $4 / hr. and just got back from a 2-hour yoga class.  Hence, the somewhat subdued style from which I’m now writing.  But I better be off to dinner & whatever else the night may bring.


Off trekking tomorrow…  Apparently an 8 hour trek in Thailand can fit in 3 mountain tribes, hiking, swimming in waterfalls, rafting and an hour long elephant ride.  I’m skeptical but we’ll see…  then off to Bangkok for the final stretch of the trip! 


We’ve gotten lots in and had a blast backpacking around.  Can’t wait to show you the pics!





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