The Sampler Tour, Chaing Mai, Thailand

February 29, 2008

Bangkok, Thailand

Chaing Mai, Thailand

The sampler tour

I think my last blog left off with mentioning that we were going to do a trek (now yesterday) and that the tour operator rattled off a gazillion things were were going to do… No way (we thought) can they actually fit this much into a 1-day trek.  Sure as heck – I was wrong!


When the tour operator picked us up we weren’t exactly sure if we were getting into the right pickup truck.  She seemed a bit confused (not a lot of english) and finally sad “okay okay, yes we can do that.”  Hmmm… 


But a bit later and we were off on what ended-up being a pack filled day that included:


The Orchid farm (And accompanying butterfly farm that had no butterflies)

Going to visit the Long Neck village tribe (women use brass rings to stretch their neck)

An Elephant Tour ride through the rural outback

Lunch at the Elephant place

Another visit to a village tribe

Hiking into a waterfall to swim

Whitewater rafting (no I”m not kidding – we were literally white water rafting)

Bamboo rafting


After attempting to teach the Thai tour guides a few different card games (unsuccesfully) we liked the Norweigans we met and so went back to their hotel to have a fewbeers with them and the tour guides. 


After all that we made it somehow to the airport in time for our 10pm flight to Bangkok!  It was late and so a late night into town to try and find a hotel which we were successful at on the second try.


Today lots and lots of walking (I’m exhausted!) around the city, on a water taxi, to the Grand Palace and Wat Phar Keow – more walking and now we just made it back to the hotel.  Oh – but we have managed to eat every 2 hours or so.  The fresh squeezed OJ, Pad Thai & other street-side food from the local vendors.  


Tonight we’re off to make the most of the infamous Bangkok nights…  we’ll see this could get interesting.


Hope all is well back home!




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