Viva la Vida Borequa! – Vieques, Puerto Rico

June 02, 2008

Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico and Vieques

Viva la Vida Borequa!

I LOVE Puerto Rico!

Seriously, any place that I visit for 2-weeks, come back a year later and the man at the coffee asks where I’ve been, I run into people all day everyday that I know and just feels like I’m right where I should be… miraculous!  Bodega Chic, El Botey, St. Germains, the Plaza, El Bombero, El Mason, Pinkie’s, the Beach, 43, Vieques! ….  a few favorites.

Day 1, Vieques!

Arrive.  Boat.  Small Island with amazing beaches? yes please!

Sam Adams.  Wine. Beach.  Wine.  Crystal Blue.  Wine.  Crystal White.  Wine…..


I’ve met paradise and damn is it nice!

Where did we meet these locals?

43.  Champagne.  Champagne.  Champagne.  Champagne.

Day 2,

Beach Bungalow.

Coffee.  Breakfast.  Coffee.  Toothbrush.  Thank god for the toothbrush!

More beach.  Crystal blue.

Dolphins?? Amazing wild dolphins.  Swimming monkeys.  The Puerto Rican police.

Old San Juan!  Kathy, your new open-air pad is amazing!

Bodega.  Couch.  Movie.  Ben & Jerrys. Sleep. 

Day 3-6,

Well I AM working after all.  Promise.

Work from Plaza in Old San Juan.

Work from Starbucks.

Lunch.  Walk.   Shop.

Work from Apartment.

Work from Park. Plaza.

Sunsets @ the beach!

Dinner with a charmer or two.

Argentinian families and their birthday parties!

Now, if only I could understand Spanish a bit better.

A ‘lil wine. a ‘lil cheese.

yup, that about sums it up.

Day 7,

Lunch beachside with the Argentinians!

A little get together at the casita!

wine. cheese.  dancing.  dancing.  43!  Ooohhwahhwahhahahahooooooo.

Kathy’s neighbors must have loved the rowdy ones!

El Botey.  Well clearly we had to take pictures of the bathroom.

What happened to those car mirrors?

The lesson of the night… palm oil BAD, FSC good.

Day 8,

Coffee!  El Bombero.  Coastie tours!

The Water Club – rooftop pool, bar, club.

It’s tradition!  Visitors!

Kathy, where did those inmates come from?

Bodega.  El Botey.  A little Modella night cap!

Yes, you should start seeing a pattern.

Day 9,

El Yunque.  Amazing green with ocean views.

Waterfall hikes…. real estate PLEASE.

Fajardo + Sailing Regatta + crystal blue.

Sunset @ the beach.

90+ degree water, getting knocked over by waves, okay and termites?

wine. cheese. wine. cheese.



I do need a hash name after all,

and I do appreciate everyones offer to sponsor my next trip.


I’ll be back.


Meanwhile back in San Diego….

My apartment is WAY too quiet… and this ocean’s is at least 30 degrees colder.

okok, this IS the best place on the mainland.

Working remotely was SO much better


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