Winter Travels 2008 – Chicago, IL

December 24, 2008

At Home in Chicago

Winter Travels 2008

Hola !!

Who knew that people actually read this thing!!  Seriously, a few of you have asked about why I haven’t been bloggin’ this trip…  frankly I was just being too darn lazy!  Ahhhh beach life 😉

So, long story short I’m on holiday for about 3-weeks going to Puerto Rico, Chicago, Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico then back home to San Diego.  A few things I hope to encounter in my travels:  beach, sand, sun, a little bit of snow and lots of good times with friends and family alike.

So for now I’ll just blog Puerto Rico take 1 (you’ll note there are 3-takes after all)….

I’ll just keep this blog short since by now you’ve probably gotten the jist of how I viva la vida borriqua – yes that’s right I’m actually going to ATTEMPT to shorten the story… so here it is in fast-motion.

Leave late-night on the 19th and red eye it into SJU on the 20th where I’m promptly swooped up by Dustin & Kathy….

Saturday… beach time!  lunch at our favorite beach-side cafe (which I always thought was named Pamelas but turns out it i was wrong)…  back for viejo san juan only to have Kathy & I throw on our running shoes and vamanos right back to… you guessed it…. the beach 🙂  salsa party that night with the whole crew and a few new ones.   Sunday….  brunch followed by lots of wave jumping in the caribbean followed by the worlds most interesting Gingerbread House contest.  Woow, I’ll leave out the details – and the photos – and just say this one was too interesting to repeat online.  (disclaimer for M-F:  I swear I did work even if remotely in-between the fun 🙂 Monday….  Spanish class w/ Ute, work, work, beach, work (see!), run & chillin’ at Kathy’s casita where things may have gotten just a little bit interesting. Tuesday…  more of the same as Monday but did get a few hill runs in.  Wednesday…  dinner w/ Gardi & Guerrmo and more wine which clearly meant that we needed to stay out at El Batey (local dive) for the rest of the night.  Thursday…  dry! and a 10pm bedtime, thank goodness.  Friday…  Dustin’s Christmas party at some awesome Peruvian restaurant and a very weak attempt out at El Batey which didn’t last (can’t a girl use the “have to run 9 manana” excuse anymore?)  Saturday…. somehow I did get in that run, more jumping waves in the caribbean…. 

and ended-up in Chicago at 1am wishing the white stuff floating in the air was sand!!! 

What I learned:

*  Leaving the n out of punta can make a sentence go very very wrong

* Caribbean waves in December can be fatal to bathing suits

* Tiger hunting is not really tiger hunting… and always check under the kitchen table.

*  Van Morrison and about half the worlds salsa bands rock… and so does manchango cheese.

* Enacting the ‘no phone with wine’ rule is a must…  with cuarenta & tres is survival.

More later….



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