Chi-Town Baby! – Chicago

December 27, 2008

Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico

Chi-Town Baby!!

So I arrived in Chicago approximadamente 1am…. it was COLD COLD COLD…. -4F or -31F the next day when I checked at 11am. Woow!! So of course I was not going to leave my parents house until it got about zero degrees. Well, except to go get wine for the wine tasting that night with my brother (Jonathan or a.k.a JVB or Wubbs!) & Mom. Great time that night just hanging out with the P’s, cooking an amazing Ragout, drinking wine, playing Trivial Pursuit and generally laughing and having a good time stuck in the house. Of course if you know me you’ll know that by 7pm I had more than a little cabin fever so Mom & I layered up and walked Kodi Bear. Note: Kodi Bear was NOT happy to be walked, the frost bite probably didn’t help. But we went anyway….. …. And the next day it was above zero and so I ran, went to yoga & did all my PT exercises in-between trying to find Sophia Duncan. Who the heck is Sophia Duncan you might ask?? Don Alan is way into Geneology and I must admit it’s kinda fun hunting down old relatives so I unsuccessfully attempted to locate Sophia (who we think is actually Rhona) from Alabama. In the process, I also learned I’m a decendant of that guy that turned in William Walker in Braveheart. Seriously, sheesh… I guess we all have to have a little bit of drama in our past. That guy and the Thomas Jefferson-esque guy who freed all his slaves after having an affair with one of them was kinda interesting. Anyway, tangent that I don’t have time for (I’m off to the BVI’s in 20 minutes so I better just skip ahead…. Mom’s birthday at Erin’s was fun as always and oh my goodness do we have a little Don Alan in the family… Luke De Bruin is just the cutest (along w/ Dom & Ramsey I mean) Did get a chance to go downtown on the 23rd to visit with some old friends from H.S. (Katy / Marcie) and as always we spent 4 hours debriefing each other on the last year of our lives. I SERIOUSLY think you (Katy, Marcie, Caroline) need to visit in San Diego around the March timeframe when it’s likely still -31F in Chicago!! Somehow made it on the 6:35am train back to H-Wood to celebrate Xmas with the fam the next morning. Of course (of course of course) Mom out did herself, again, with the day…. and I don’t just mean the presents. The food, the presents, the games, the time spent together was wonderful. No, I’m not sucking up (jonathan!) I really mean it. That afternoon I finally was able to run outdoors… even with the rain, ice, snow, sleet it was good to get outside and try out my new Garmin 🙂 My family tries so hard to make sure everything is perfect when we’re all home at Christmas, but when it comes down to it the best part is just spending time together. I’ll take -31F and snow any year if it means sitting around together simply enjoying time. I made it back to Puerto Rico on Xmas night just fine surprising considering O’Hare was closed between the day I arrived and the day I left without affecting my flights. Cathy (roommate) wasn’t quite as lucky but did make it safely after a 24 hour saga. Okay, I better be on my way…. off to the BVI’s!!! XoXo Kates


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