What’s it all About Elsie? – BVIs and Puerto Rico

March 31, 2009
Back Home in San Diego… reflecting on Tortola, British Virgin Island and Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico

What’s It All About Elsie?

I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t blog the rest of my trip.  It’s a first!  I know…  When I came back I went to the doc and my blood pressure was 96/60 – LOW!  And ever since the trip I haven’t quite been able to get ‘back.’ So it’s left me wondering…  “what’s it all about, Elsie?”  Pray tell cause all I know is i want more of whatever THAT was…

Flashback to Cane Garden Bay, Tortola where we left off.  I’m sitting on the deck of Rhymers and I have NO idea what day it is, what time it is and frankly I couldn’t care less.  I’m here w/ my roommate Cathy and we’ve been keeping time by nights.  Night 1, Night 2, Night 3 …. and if it’s Night 4 it’s our last Night and we’ve gotta go tomorrow.  Do people that live here keep time?  I’m wondering if life can get better?!?  Maybe I’ve found a little slice of paradise, yes yes that’s what it must be. 

…And then it’s gone but a few favorites to remember:
*  Myett’s Happy Hour w/ Myett’s Delight & Malibu Diets.  Apply caution.
*  Dance to Cap-Eye’s band and what the heck was that frog instrument thing?? 
*  ‘The Tree,’  I mean seriously it’s a hazard to have a tree growing out of the middle of a bar.
*  Tortola Dirt, it goes on EVERYTHING
*  Those hot island boys do too
*  Dance barefoot @ The Bomba Shack, avoid staring at the size 20 furry underware hanging from the rafters.
* Grilled Cheese over Gin Rummy when it rains
*  Baby Bull, just find the green shack.
*  Soggy Dollars Painkillers… the helpful multi-functioned cure.
*  White Bay Beach on Jost Van Dyke
*  Myett’s Bruschetta every.single.night. doesn’t disappoint.
*  The swings at Elm Beach
*  Swerve?
…..  and then back to Puerto Rico.  changed.
The run-down from here…..
*  I can no longer think straight and therefore can not speak Spanish after returning from the BVIs
*  New Years Eve bonfire w/ the Argentinians.  Love. it.
*  PRH3 doesn’t dissapoint with the Hangover Hash!  Ole Yelllllla, babyyyyyy! 
*  Just say no to anything foreign related.
*  La Sheisha!
*  Wave jumping in the Caribbean is still hazardous to bathing suits
*  Don’t expect to get a taxi into VSJ the night before an inauguration
*  Dinners at museums rock!
*  Nando’s new sail boat inspires “our household needs a sailboat”
* I can never leave PR on any amount of sleep.  Sleep is overrated anyway i suppose.
And a few lessons:
* No phone. No Facebook.  peace.
*  simplify. simplify. and then happiness.
*  S  p     e     a  k     s     l o w  l      y  in Tortola
*  sponteneity and randomness still rules.
*  Locals are the way to go.
*  Don’t be jaded.
*  i’m coming back. no question.
I truly believe that you get out what you put into life.  I’ve put in a lot and am “Livin the life, every single day” – yes?  yes. But somethings changed.  I don’t know yet what it is, but something big.  And I can’t seem to shake it… 
Where to next?  Machu Picchu Baby!  But I’ll be back.  Promise.

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