Responsible K8 Prepares for Peru – Peru

If you’ve read the old blogs you know I’m not exactly always responsible when I travel.  I have a tendency to do stupid things like, say…  not pack until the taxi is in the driveway, get stranded in third world countries without a usable credit card or cash, show-up on sold-out Kao San Road at 2am without a hotel, forget to inform people of my whereabouts and i always seem to end-up in the back of some random pick-up….  I won’t elaborate, you get the idea.

Perhaps to make-up for my past indiscretions, Responsible Katie decided to pack and prepare for Peru this time.  It was hard work getting all the essential needs to seemlessly fit into 10lbs!!  Yes, 10lbs (including the 4lb sleeping bag) is all that you’re allowed on the 4-day hike to MP.  Given all the restrictions I’m kind of impressed at my responsible, yet minimal pack and prepare list.

To Prepare:

1/  Called my credit card company & my debit card company to inform them that I’ll be out of the country and they should therefore not put a fraud freeze on my account.

2/  Sent contact info & whereabouts to my family & friends to reach me (okay, so maybe there’s one or two nights i don’t have a place to stay but hey, it’s progress 🙂 

3/  Emailed an electronic copy of my passport to family, friends & myself just in-case that precarious situation i’m sure we’ll end-up in results in a missing (or confiscated) passport.

And Packed…

4/  A rain jacket – i mean it is the rainy season after all

5/  My Merrell hiking shoes that I’m in LOVE with.  As Tall Jen says “I didn’t know how much i hated life until i found my Merrells”

6/  Zero Degree bag for the likely frigid night at 13k feet

7/  Extra water purification tablets, surely just packing them will be enough to ward off the e-coli spirits.

8/  Benadryl, Immodium AD, Asprin, Purrell, Neosporin and 100% deet – for the man-eating sqeeters.

9/ My Camelbak that i hope is large enough to carry enough water for the hikes…  hmmm.

10/  Which left me with about enough weight for 1lb of clothes.  lol – ahhh, clothes are overrated anyway.  Maybe we’ll go streaking up the Incan Trail.  Maybe that will lead to my passport being confiscated and that electronic copy will come in handy after-all….  reponsible friends now in possession of the passport copies perhaps you should expect that 3am “oops” call.  (JUST KIDDING, MOM!)

Well, I’m sure SOMETHING will go awry — it always does — and I’m just as sure that something i regarded as a luxury and didn’t pack would have been an essential and something i did pack will be useless.  But hey lets put it all in perspective…. I do need good writing material for my blog afterall!

13:12:09 til take-off.


When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.  Then take half the clothes and twice the money.   ~Susan Heller


3 thoughts on “Responsible K8 Prepares for Peru – Peru

  1. Hi Katie…love the new blog! Will follow your travels, hoping you have a great and safe trip!! love,mom

  2. Can’t wait to read about this trip! 🙂 My cousin and her husband just got back from there a week ago. They said it was a MUST SEE before you die. Hope you feel the same. Be safe in your craziness, friend!! 🙂

  3. Katie, Love the new blog! Hope you are have a wonderful adventure! Plan to check out the hike website later. Be safe. Love,mom

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