Pinch me, I´m in Peru! – Lima, Peru

Someone just needs to pinch me now – I´m quite possibly in one of the most gorgeous places, with friends I adore & having a blast.   Now, I could stand to have a few more hours of sleep in my system.   There´s been about 6 hours of that since Wednesday night.  I´m obviously not too concerned since I´m spending the potential nap-time blogging. After leaving late out of LAX Thursday night, transferring in El Salvador (and picking up Barrett succesfully along the way) we (roommate Cathi, Tall Jen, Barrett & I) arrived on-time, with all luggage in-tow and with a lack of air travel trauma – small feat for me – Friday afternoon.   I guess TACA (dubbed Take a Chance Airline) isn´t all that bad afterall – there wasn´t even ducktape on the seats like we were told to expect!

I can say I was shocked at the site of Lima by air and ground.  It wasn´t so much the 3rd world barrios (it´s there but so is El Paso!) but the fact that the place is actually in the middle of the desert, yet on the Pacific… the Pacific that looks NOTHING like the Pacific in San Diego.    Fear not, there were still surfers out in the very dark, very polluted water.   We were told ahead of time to make yourself comfy on the metal chairs at the airport and not venture out into Lima.  I don´t always listen well and I´m glad.  The neighborhood we stayed in, Miraflores, was really nice and seemingly as safe as any major city in the US.    The B&B Tradiciones Hostal was awesome, Angelo, the owner gave us quite the lesson on the geological and climactic history of Peru.    Now we know why all restaurant here have a million signs pointing out the ¨in’case of earthquake safety zone¨ – they get hit A LOT.   I can assure you we will be running for cover (and have also been instructed to hug a tree) if an earthquake does hit.  But,  Lima only alloted us time to briefly see an archeological site, walk around, hit the black markets, relax in some tapas bar and go out to dinner before it was bedtime.  I liked Lima, I liked being back in an underdeveloped area, loved the spanish influence & latin music and am glad we didn´t listen and decided to adventure out of LIM airport.

 Sunrise over the Andes this morning by plane was an amazing view to see.  And Cusco is definitely near the top of my favorite small-world-towns.  Now if only we could find a karaoke place Cusco may top the list.  Pictures, let alone my explanation, wouldn´t do it justice.  It´s quaint and cultural perhaps because of the tourist who will actually pay for that picture with the women & children in traditional costume holding the lamb.    No, i didn´t but don´t think i haven´t contemplated. 

So, I won´t let you in on a little secret… just yet.   But I will say the random occuring events will be continuing – stay tuned.Cheers!  Kates

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One thought on “Pinch me, I´m in Peru! – Lima, Peru

  1. Happy Birthdat Katie………..This will be one to remember for a long time….or until you think of the next great trip. I’m following with interest.

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