Shenanigans! – Bali (Kuta), Indonesia

Successully landed in Bali… 28 hour hours later and having a blast!   The lesson from the travels here is never ever ever order the Asian Vegetarian meal on China Airlines.   I will upload a picture of  this jail-bird meal of rice porridge, corn, peas and grapes (that would be all together…  not served seperately) when i get home.

Jailbird Food!

Jailbird Food!

Currently located in Kuta having a blast.    The vegetarian curry is much better than whatever that crap was on China Air.   We’ve found our new drink… caprioskas. 



We’ve packed a lot into the last day including beachtime, sunsets, shopping, beachtime, drinks, repeat.   And there was a $7 massage in there too — fantastic but interesting approach — oh the stories to tell when there’s more time!



Off to Ubud tomorrow…  the heart of Bali’s culture and religion.  not sure where we’re staying yet.  We’ll figure it out when we get there (we have figured out how to get there though so that’s progress 😉


One thought on “Shenanigans! – Bali (Kuta), Indonesia

  1. Hi Katie….sitting with first cup of coffee checking to see if you have started blogging! Glad you arrived safely (despite the veggie meal!) and are having fun. Also located Bali on a map 🙂 and will check out where you are now. Will also love to hear “the rest of the story” later! Have fun, be safe…love, mom

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