Mr. Black and White, The Taj & Sharks! – Bali (Sanur, Nusa Lebongan), Indonesia

Mr. Black and White:  the man we met in Ubud who invoked quite a conversation that ended with our invitation to a traditional cremation in his village on Friday…. we can’t plan that far in advance so we’ll see.

The Taj:  where we are currently staying in Sanur (extended through tonight).  The hotel staff thinks we’re nuts after we went on and on about the place.  i mean it has a hot shower and all!

Laughing Hysterics at The Taj

Laughing Hysterics at The Taj

Sharks…. so we wake up this morning and are — i must admit — freaking out about todays dive off of Nusa Lembongan island (1 hour boat from bali).  Over breakfast we convince ourselves that we need to call our dive master back in San Diego, Chris, to give us a pep talk.  He’s good like that, constantly puts us in our place.   After not reaching him on the cell phone we call the dive shop (i told you we were freaking out!) and the conversation went something like… (much more energetically than i can write)

amy/katie:  chris, we’re in bali  FREAKING out and need a pep talk….

Chris:  what?  seriously?  you are in one of the top five places to dive in the world and you’re freaking out on me?  you’re fine.  you’re going to be fine.  it’s gonna be like swimming in the pool no hood, no gloves…  are you girls drunk?

amy/katie:  no…  but we’re leaving in an hour and the book tells us there are SHARKS!

Chris:  You’d be LUCKY to see a shark.  but you’re not going to see a shark… (now speaking to someone in the dive shop)  they’re in bali … what are they going to see in bali …. (response in the background)  SHARKS!

… and then he lectures us about how they’re just whale sharks,  we’re being ridiculous to be affraid and reminds us of everything we could forget.

Off the Map in Indonesia

Off the Map in Indonesia

On dive 1… amazing, crystal water, unreal fish, no sharks.

Scuba scuba

Scuba scuba

On dive 2…  amazing, crystal water….  oh *F* what the hell is that thing lying dormant on the bottom of the ocean.  that MASSIVE 8 FOOT THING WITH A BIG O FIN!   (chris always told us if we ran into something that could be aggressive we should sit for a minute and swim the other direction).  And our dive guide does just that.  We’re pretty sure we just saw a shark.  Then my depth gauge wouldn’t work.   And I’ve about had it with this dive.   But carry on, enjoy the fish, look over my shoulder for the sharks and 40ish later we surface.

Mulah Mulah….  not a shark.  a 2 meter fish that has a fin like a shark but is not a shark.  no where near dangerous.    Fantastic diving other than that little incident!

Back on Land

Dive guide (Kadi), Aims & French guy back on land

Going out tonight in Sanur and then off to ….  we’re not sure …. tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Mr. Black and White, The Taj & Sharks! – Bali (Sanur, Nusa Lebongan), Indonesia

  1. Glad to hear you have a nicer hotel! The dive story has made me laugh at 6am 🙂 Really enjoying reading of your adventures!

  2. OMG Katie!! Loving your blog updates, too funny!! Can’t wait to hear more stories when we all return home from our current adventures!! Will send V your hello’s and love. Miss you and Aims! I know you are having an amazing adventure. See you in September!

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