Whoops! and Hostages – Bali, Indonesia

Whoooops!  We almost missed our flight….. very honest mistake thinking our plane was taking of on saturday at 2pm not saturday at 2am.  Thank god we realized!  Perhaps the balinese gods were trying to convince us we need to stay.

And then we try to check out of the hotel.  Their credit card machine wouldn’t work so CLEARLY the only thing to do is make two girls wait until it works even if that means waiting til morning.    This typically laid back girl is very not laid back when you tell me i can’t get on the plane to leave the country!  We ended-up convincing them to drive us to an ATM (two people with us to make sure we weren’t going to skip without paying) to get cash and then onto the airport.  Where we did make the flight.   I guess the lesson is never stay at Kuta Puri Bungalow unless you want an unintended extended stay in Bali!!   Again we think the balinese gods were just not wanting us to leave 🙂

Taipei airport is not exactly the place you want to spend a 10 hour layover.  But that we are… on the way back to reality.  BOOOOOOooooo!

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