Aprovecha el día – San Diego, CA

Seize the day…  for pete sake SEIZE THE DAY!     Is it oximoronical to proclaim that I live in the NOW and yet ask for more than today provides.  Is it too much to think there’s a way to make the most of today, all the while knowing that tomorrow brings even more, more to explore, adventure, live….    If I ask for more in this life does it mean I don’t appreciate the now and all it encompasses?

I have an amazing, amazing life right now.   My work is interesting, challenging.  More importantly my life is surrounded by lots and lots and lots of laughter with friends.   Since being in San Diego my friends and I have learned to surf, scuba dive, sail, traveled and celebrated “graduations.”  We’ve made wino-wednesdays, hot tub nights, run tuesdays, red tracton, bully’s, denny’s  and “Wii, Wine, Pizza” ritual events.  My dogs count them as  part of the “pack.”  And they’ve now not only thrown me birthday parties, but going away celebrations with caprioskas (our favorite drink from Bali), brushetta (our favorite dinner in the BVIs), pineapple upside down shots (our favorite San Diego treat).  and then pack-up my belongings,  let me sleep on their couch and send me off to the next phase of my life but not before downloading Skype, signing-up for Facebook and buying their plane tickets to the next phase…..

In exactly four days, I’m off to live in Puerto Rico.   It hasn’t hit me, and frankly I’m sad to leave San Diego right now.  I’m sad to leave my friends and all our rituals.  I’m sad that I’m going to miss birthdays, Temecula wine tours, camping & surfing the Trestles and Sailors on Haloween  ….  and that’s just what’s planned for October.    But I’m also excited.  I’m excited to be in a new culture, to perfect my spanish and yes, to have 7 weekends already booked with 16 visitors. 

So many people have asked me why Puerto Rico?   My response:  I have been to PR 3 times in the last 2ish years and everytime I’m there there is an ease, a simplicity, a vibrance, a passion in the people and the culture for life…  one i can’t help but fall in-love with.   Everyone… and I do mean EVERYONE …  asks will I REALLY come back to San Diego?  Yes, of course… i think, because nothing can replace La Vida de San Diego.  It’s like flirting with two different people, each of which offers something completely different, completely unique, completely YOU in such different ways.  And THIS is what makes it so hard..  So hard to leave, so hard to stay….   

If I stay is this seizing the NOW…   If I leave what will I miss?  Am I moving forward or putting life on hold?   So many questions… but sometimes the only answer is to leap, leap and hope that a net will appear.  Blind faith in the future of NOW.


2 thoughts on “Aprovecha el día – San Diego, CA

  1. Katie you have perfected the art of living in the NOW. I am so proud of you for so few people live life like you do. Jump without hesitating into the next chapter of your travels and do not fret, San Diego and all your friends will be here with open arms to embrace you upon your return. Please please update your blog often. I look forward to reading about your time in PR…and beyond! Im so glad I was able to see you tonight before you flew off into the great unknown of your next adventure! Miss you already, stay safe and enjoy every moment.


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