La Vida – Puerto Rico

Have I only been here for 24 hours?? 

I arrived yesterday morning in the Land of Enchantment… otherwise known as Puerto Rico.   To live among the Puerto Ricans… otherwise known as Boricuas.   How did I get here?  How is my company letting me work remotely???    I don’t exactly know. 

Pete, a stranger but cousin of friends, showed up yesterday upon my arrival with keys to Kathy’s place (while she spends time in Vieques).   Yes, the reward for devoting a sunday to the arrival of some unknown person was brunch at Bodega Chic .   Love the Bodega…  I can always count on running into “old”  friends here.  Just as I can always count on PR to bring random happiness and new friends later that day.  Roof top BBQ,  movie projecting, sangria and invite out the next night?  (do i really have to take conference calls til 10pm?!???)  Welcome to Puerto Rico…  where i mistakenly thought the next 6-months would be “low key.”  

Today was truly living la vida boricua…  i have back-up plan, among back-up plan for difficult occassions.  Still the electricity in Kathy’s place goes out, the wireless card won’t work, the back-up electrical socket in La Plaza de Armas (which also has WiFi) is down and Starbucks is completely full. Don’t think this is unusual…  it’s just another typical day on the island.  Have I mentioned we may have a strike on Thursday that shuts down the city??  LOL, how I have missed you ….. !   no seriously, outages and all. 

As for practicing my spanish…  Well someone or something took care of that.  Too timid to speak (per usual) an obstacle was put in my way.  A $56 bottle of wine sitting in the $9 section of the grocery store that i inadvertently bought.     Nothing like a few dollars to incent you to figure out how the heck to tell the clerk the purchase was wrong!   Only to go to customer service and explain everything (very poorly) again.

No place yet.  Electricity is back on.  Wireless is still spotty. 

Buena Vida!


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