Sanja the Lizard – Puerto Rico

I moved in with a lizard, Sanja, who has apparently made my home her own.


Sanja, my new roomie.

This roomie isn’t quite as exciting as the last one.   I have talked to her about mimosa sundays, though, and she agrees that clearly this is an idea she can live with.   She did draw the line at goldfish races (she doesn’t think this is humane)  and asked that Asia & Tego Ray not be allowed over.


This view beats a cubical wall

Work remotely from here…  I think I can handle that.  Though i quite enjoyed seeing all my cubical friends, when i went back to the office last Friday, I thought i was going to go blind by the florescent lights and become eternally depressed by all the WFR’s (work force reduction) announced last week.




To the Loft

I dunno kinda spanish, kinda homey ….  love the stars, they remind me of the stars of Chicago. 



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3 thoughts on “Sanja the Lizard – Puerto Rico

    • You wanna b my new, old roomie??!??? i’m just sayin clearly there’s no shortage of topics to discuss over wine on the rooftop. don’t get jealous 😉

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