4 DAYSSSsssss!!!! – Puerto Rico

4 DAYS TIL JULES & LESLIE COME VISIT!!! I’m super super excited. Bought the wine, bought the glasses, bought some more wine (this is us after all 😉 and now all we need to find is a hot tub for hours of girl talk. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

So since I’m in the mood to blog in short updates here’s the latest….

1/ I have no idea where time has gone. Somehow it’s been over a month since I’ve been here. Somehow.
2/ And I have very few pictures to show for it…. what’s happened to me?? I’m usually obsessed with pictures!
3/ Costco in Puerto Rico is far more chaotic than Costco in the states. Which means I am NEVER setting foot in a Walmart in Puerto Rico since the thought of the madness in the states gives me cunvulsions.
4/ Hashing on Saturday….. next time i’ll bring proof of my tetanus shots. Love the hash, not so much a fan of last week’s shiggy (code for crappy stuff you run through)
5/ Speaking of shots… road along to a primate center in the middle of no where so my friend wouldn’t have to drive alone when she went to administer shots to chimpanzees …… at 2am… interesting story also maybe not the best idea in the world.
6/ Anyone else see the fight?? I couldn’t imagine it would be such the story…
7/ Oh yes, and I’ve been introduced to great sushi places and an alright Thai restaurant…….. now if only there was an Indian restaurant??!????? And……. WHAT I WOULDN’T GIVE FOR A TRADER JOES!!!! and a decent can opener. maybe a garlic press and my All Clad, which means clearly then I’d need the Global knives and …. yeah i’ll stop.
8/ I also really really really want my cell phone and internet connection to work in my apartment. Arrgh!!! Most annoying.
9/ If my cell phone doesn’t work inside at least let it stop raining outside so i can walk and talk!

Well that’s about all the time we have for the night… next time maybe i’ll report that i’ve figured out how to make my cell phone work and there’s improvement in spanish. maybe.


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