The Girls – Puerto Rico

What a great weekend with the girls!! ……

I would make fun… but some of that is mine 🙂

Day 1… Pinas and Flamenco at Rosa de Triana. Why must the blonde girls from Cali dance?

Jules gets pinned

All I’m thinking is “fake it and just smile”

Day 2: Beach time, cocktail party (btw, the only thing i dislike about the apartment is the kitchen… it’s about 180* diff from my usual and i reiterate the fact that no kitchen should NOT have a garlic press) and more… Jules, i just want you to know you had me at “Donde esta el bano?”

Post paddles


Day 3…  how exactly do we get to Rincon?   and where’s the beach??   Great beachtime, more paddle except the lost sunglasses.   I’m still ROTFL over the full frontal.  Gotta watch those waves!

Drinks are better when they’re drunk out of a coconut beachside with friends

Day 4…  VSJ Day!   Lots of forts, lots of walking, shopping, champagne mimosas, wine & pizza roofside, El Batey was not necessary okok it prolly was…. 

VSJ from San Cristobal

Me and My Girls

Hamptons Arrival

Day 5…  I’m so sad I couldn’t go with to El Yunque!!  But so glad Leslie & Jules had fun.

El Yunque

Waterfall Hikes

The detox starts Monday!

Day 5…    Sad goodbyes but not before stuffing ourselves with one last breakfast and talks over cafe con leche.  So glad I have friends that give me color,  CLEARLY we are not “beige.”    Missss you already and love you, mean it 🙂  

XOXO,  Kates

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4 thoughts on “The Girls – Puerto Rico

  1. um, can I be an idiot and say that I JUST figured out how to leave a frickin’ comment on your page??? ahhhh, I am sooooo incredibly jelous that you are living every. single. day. of your life to the fullest by visiting these amazing places!! Enjoy a couple DOZEN cocktails for me!!

  2. So glad I checked your blog today! Love the pics…… Glad you had a wonderful time with friends! Can’t wait to see PR for myself!! love,mom

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