Perspective – New York, NY

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone!!  I was off island visiting my Uncle Ron, Auntie Marily & Jesse in CT then a night in NYC with Soogy….  something about downtime with the fam that always provides the much needed perspective and grounding in life.   The saf fam time is always about eat, drink, good convos, a few walks &  typically some competition.    i love it… i can’t wait to go home for christmas to do it all over again!    I’m already dreaming of brandy alexanders and laying the law down in a friendly game of  Trivial Pursuit 😉  

So much to be thankful for this year…. amazing family, amazing friends, convincing my company to let me work from the caribbean(!) and sooo many adventures shared.   Okay, i won’t re-write the christmas card here.    A few pics to share from the time away.

Cooking up Thanksgiving

Uncle Ron cooking up his own Thanksgiving

Despite eating pie for four days straight we did make our way outside the neighborhood once for… sushi!!

Off to NYC for Soogy time! (read: shopping 😉

Snuggies & Hot Cider on a rooftop bar overlooking manhattan? Ahhh, yeah i think i can do this.

Soooo…  I know you’re all really wondering the result of the little friendly Thanksgiving competition.  You see, the family has a fantasy football league “Da Safran Sports Nuts” and this girl owns the Kalifornia Blondi Bladz team which is amptly supplied with all the best looking quarterbacks in the league.  Including my main man Drew Breeezzzzzz (fear not, i also have Tony Romo)….  who’s also just about the most amazing quarterback in the league.  Well that’s about all I know about my team or football so Unc Ron proposed an exchange….  four days reprieve from San Juan, ply me with wine and bloody marys and he gets Drew.  Needless to say we were getting phone calls and emails all thanksgiving claiming insider trading and with threats of baning the trade from many a disgrunted uncle and cousin.     Well …  I was supposed to lose today to give up Breezzzz, but I just checked and i’m actually beating Uncle Ron in the game!   Well that’s unexpected.  And here i was going to put Breezzz up to the highest bidder.  Now, i just may be moving up the ranks!! 

XOXOooooo    Kates

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