Breeezzzz, Romo well shoot the whole darn team…

For Sale to the highest scoring Safran.  If you’re not a Saf you’re not gonna understand this post so you can stop reading now…..  this was the best place to leverage for a little friendly game of…..

Da Safran Scramble Trivia …  first one to answer 10 correctly gets whomever you want from team Kalifornia Blondi Bladzzzz.    Silent win (read:  you’ll know no one else will) so second person gets second choice, right on down the line.  But let’s be frank,  I have maybe two good players.   In the spirit of All Saf participation if someone else answers correctly that’s not in the league they can choose who gets the trade.   I’m just gonna say someone may wanna recruit my mom…..  she’s good at this trivia stuff.

1.   Nickname of Gram & Gramps Lakehouse?

2.  I’m not the only cousin that’s worked in Puerto Rico…  Name the other and his/her job?

3.  Lbs. of potatoes used in Gramma’s mashed potatoes this Thanksgivings  (cause i don’t think anyone wants to know lbs of butter & sour cream)?

4.  If Gramps was still with us how many years of marriage would Gram & Gramps have?

5.  Youngest cousins grade in school?

6.  Back in the day…  what did the men do during baby & bridal showers?

7.  Gramps is infamous for what task whenever anyone left family parties, the lakehouse, etc.?

9.   Middle name of the newest member to the family…  come March.

10.  MY favorite champagne and (hint: Grams & I visited cerca 2002… )

BONUS….  Next Safran wedding is what date??

BONUS2….  Gramma & Grampa and Gramma’s parents got married at what church?

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11 thoughts on “Breeezzzz, Romo well shoot the whole darn team…

  1. Hmmm…. So I’ve got some work to do to get Drew Brees on my team; I need Gram’s genealogy books at the office….

  2. 1. Rocky Point
    2. Gretchen, clerk for federal judge at the time
    3. 16 lbs of potatoes (2 8 lb. bags)
    4. June, 1947..hmm..math 😦 that makes 62
    5. Luke….8th!
    6. Play poker in basement (beer probably involved!)
    7. Cleaning windshields and rear-view mirrors (one of my favorite memories…so very Grampa!)
    8. HEY…you skipped an 8!!
    9. Tough one, I know it’s a “D”…David?
    10. Okay, you were in France in 2002, hmmm…thinking about this one!
    BONUS: March 27…Can’t wait!
    BONUS: All Saints Church

    YEAH! [I am still thinking about that champagne question, Katie!]

    • Ok, I know the answer to question #10 (if I’m wrong, then I’ll just have to blame my source).

      Katie’s favorite champagne is Rose Taittinger…

  3. UPDATE….
    * Ei (a.k.a. mum) correctly answered 10 / 11 (was supposed to be 12 but oops, i did forget a #8!).
    * BCS Bound correctly answered 11th question. I’m IMPRESSED(!) i was just looking for Taittinger I can’t believe someone remembered the type. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess someone had some sibling help.

    Which means Ei gets the first pick trade and J gets the second. Of course since mom’s not actually in the league her pick-up can be forfeited or sold to the highest bidder based upon her demands. Personally, I’d be requesting some of that Taittinger!

    On a more surprising note… with all his competitive spirit i must ask where’s Uncle Tom? Confident in the playoffs?

    To Da Commish… thanks for the official exoneration of cheating allegations

    To IceColdSaf… my official apology on the name change.

    And Grams… “all because two people fell in love.”

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