The Adventures of 542 Turfwood – Puerto Rico

542 Turfwood…….  life can not be dull when Cathy, my former roommie, and one of the most adventurous friends I have comes to town!  This weekend certainly did not disappoint.  I also realize how much this tiny island has to offer!  My “To Do” list keeps growing exponentially as I discover more and more.  A few of the adventures:

Canyoning…  an activity I may do again in the distant future.  Very fun, very scary and more than once did I wonder what the heck I’d gotten myself into this time!   The trip started with a tightrope walk across a roaring waterfall, from there repelled down a sheet of slippery rock to another cable that traversed across the canyon, zip line down to the bottom of the waterfall, bouldered down to another zip line where you stop in the middle, unlatch your caribeaner while throwing your legs over said cable, hang and fall into another pool of water…..  followed by the scariest part of all:  rock climbing a 50ft slippery wall with pegs that were made for men over 6 feet definitely NOT for vertically challenged women.  It was about halfway up this wall when I had NO IDEA how the heck I was going to get up the rest that I decided that perhaps it would be a very very long time before I went canyoning again!!  I mean, I’ve done some scary stuff and that experience took the cake.  A few pics from the adventure:

Watching Cathy’s technique in getting onto the tightrope.

How exactly do you change feet??!

No clue where the bottom is at

More cable, more waterfall

Jump! Jump!

Not made for the vertically challenged!

We made it! 🙂

El Yunque…  rain, rain and more rain was the theme of this weekend!   Including in El Yunque, the only tropical rainforest in the US Forest Service.

Exploring the Rainforest

We have a habit of visiting tours & forts with “amazing views” during the cloudy season!

Lots more to report but that’s about all I have for now.  I’m so behind in updating that I’ll just have to fit more into the next post. 

Cheers to All!


5 thoughts on “The Adventures of 542 Turfwood – Puerto Rico

  1. Scratch this activity from the list of things to do when parents come to visit! YIKES! Happy to see the pics AFTER you are back safely!!

    • Funny I almosted noted in the post “Sorry, Mom, that i didn’t tell you ahead of time! Thought I’d make it out safely first :)” Noted on the visit… all things history, culture, food & wine instead?!?! Talk tonight!

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