PR, oh how can I will leave you…. – Puerto Rico

Written in February 2010 but whoops!  Forgot to publish.   Ideas are better late than never… 

….  there are two realizations that my time here is limited.  First, after many a question by my wonderful friends back in SD I have an intended date of departure.  Second,  I have a list — a list of all things to do before my time in PR ends.    Oh how you know I love you San Diego!  Oh how I miss you!  Yet I struggle with the fact that my time here is on life support. 

So best not to put things off….  and so I present you the list.   Recognize I’ve already hit some big ones like El Morro, museums, Rio Camuy, Rincon, Vieques, some pig roast or another, everything Old San Juan,  etc.  Some seem real, some quirky, some well……..

1.  Caving —  only when Cathy returns will I be able to gain the gumption to throw myself down a sinkhole 🙂

2.  Bio Bay

3.  Ponce — what is there to see I’m not sure but it’s on everyone else’s list so I think it should be on mine!

4.  Leslie’s Taste of San Juan Tour

5.  Dive Vieques

6.  Culebra (and you know I can’t miss karaoke at Gretchens!)

7.  Surf Rincon —  Jen / Aims I await your arrival!

8.  Mayaguez,

9.  The Symphony

10.  The Art Museum

11.  La Placeta on a Friday night

12.  Salsa at the El San Juan Hotel (mind you, as much as I’ve tried I still fail at Salsa!!!) 

13.  The Bacardi Tour

14.  Arecibo Observatory

15.  The waterfall hike my friends keeping talking about through El Yunque


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