Mom & Dad On-Island – Puerto Rico


So nice to have my parents on the island of enchantment for the last few days!   They came culinary request list in-hand; we had such a great time being tourists and eating our way around the island.    I thought I’d share 10 of the most enjoyable gatronomic adventures for all:

1.  Mofungo …  mashed-up green plantain with garlic, topped with either vegetables, chicken, seafood, pork or beef and Ajolio or criollo sauce.

2.  Tostones  ….  fried plantain either plain (I like) or stuffed with shrimp, crab or beef (p’s like). 

3.  Mango betidas …   yum!! 

4.  Arroz y habichuelas…  I probably don’t want to know what they put in the sauce, huh??

5.  Cuarenta y tres y leche….   carmel liquor and milk over ice!!!  Okay, so not high quality liquor but darn good according to this girl.

6.  Sazon.  this is a spice, not a dish not a beverage  (cilantro, garlic, cumin, salt, achiote) but had to go on the list for as many conversations as we had about it.  Now i know it exists 🙂

7.  ¿Pork fat?   Not my thing, but apparently it’s good with everything…

8.   Flan, mmmm mmmm.

9.  Bodega Chic french fries 🙂  Sooooo, maybe not puerto rican but too darn good they have to go on the list!! 

10.  Medalla light.   Decent if not exactly high quality local beer.

So I know I left out a lot of explorations,  but there were just too many to fit into 10.  Not to mention the actual tourist explorations to the iconic places like El Yunque, El Morro,  etc.   All of which was great,  with the only disappointment in running out of time and stomach space for the Lechonera! 

So according to the countdown clock my friend back in San Diego sent me I’ve “washed away” 21 weeks here with 7 more left until wine nights return to Cali.   Wow, how time has flown by on-island.

The Caribbean at Dusk

XOXO,  Kates


2 thoughts on “Mom & Dad On-Island – Puerto Rico

  1. What a wonderful time we had, Katie! Did we really eat all of that 😉 You forgot the pina colada at the place where they were invented. . . and getting cafe con leches in the plaza. But best of all was getting to see you! So glad we were able to visit!

  2. Good thing you are getting all these visitors! Sounds like they are making you do all the stuff you need to do in your remaining weeks!! Hurry up so you can come home!

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