Camp Tego and Asia

Tego Awaiting his Lab Results

What a week!  Pure chaos at work as usual, crashed my 3rd external hard drive of the year with all the pictures on it and then there’s the doggie update. 

First with Teeg…  Officially Montego Ray, otherwise known as Tego Ray, Teegs, Bugger and Bugs (amongst others).  Teeg’s is my five year old Great Dane that, after two biopsy’s and three vets including a Specialist, was diagnosed with a rare form of liver disease.   Well…  you would never know it.  The guy bounces around without a care in the world.   His latest pleasures:  eating whole bags of carrots and bouncing up stairs…  BACKWARDS!   His only unhappiness comes twice / day when he has to take now NINE different medications.  Oh yes, the latest from Camp Tego.  Based upon another 3 tests in the last month it appears we’re not controlling the disease and so more aggressive drugs are needed.  Poor guy!!!   While we’re weaning down the old drugs we’re adding in Actigal 2x/day, Azathioprine 2x/day, SamE 4x/day, Prednisone 2x/day, Milk Thistle, Zinc, Vitamin E and Pepcid. Yup, 14 pills a day.  His nickname is Bugs for a reason:  love bug extraordinaire!  He just sits and takes them all as if he’s only mildly put out. 

And then there’s Asia’s status report:  I’m unhappy to say that Asia came back 10 pounds heavier.  After getting her thyroid tested it turns out that Asia has no underlying health issues…  She’s just fat.  At 7 she’s still her same old spunky, manipulative, fairly bitchy doggie genius self.   Tell her she’s a senior citizen Dane that’s not supposed to live past 9 and she’ll tell you you’re lying.  Actually, if Asia could talk it would probably come out like “Thank You for underestimating my abilities but I’m fairly certain I will live to be  105 in doggie years.  And for those that can’t count that’s 15 human years. Besos”   Yes, this is the girl that has been known to let herself out by jumping up and hitting the garage door opener.  Her fortay is doors:  circular knobs, sliding glass, garage doors, she’ll open them all. 

Yes, a handful but I do love those pooches!! 

Asia & Tego


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