San Diego Shows Independence – San Diego, CA

Fourth of July in San Diego is HUGE !   In past years one would mark the holiday with 1.5 million others on the beaches of San Diego.  This basically meant beach, beer pong, beer luge and bikinis.  

Before the Alcohol Ban

Two years ago, however, the drunken melee got a bit out of hand when some roudy Zonie’s (California speak for annoying Arizona visitors that crowd our beaches) started a riot.  They overturned cop cars while throwing beer kegs and bottles at the police.   And so began the booze ban at San Diego beaches. 

No Alcohol, No Smoking, No Loud Noises

The law restricted the drinking of alcohol in any of the cities beaches and other cities followed.   BUT!  Not drinking on beaches was not welcome by many and so the always creative drinkers of Pacific Beach found a way around the ban last summer.  FLOATOPIA!   The premise quite simple:  keep your feet off the sand by sitting on raft, inner tube, anything that floats.  Bring your booze, bring your friends, the party must go on…  this IS about independence after all! 


Oh now come on, before you think I’m participating in Floatopia (ok ok,  in all honesty given that there’s now weekly Floatopia parties I can’t believe I never have!)  THIS was not how I spent my fourth of July 🙂  No, no I preferred a much more quiet time sailing with some friends, followed by fireworks from Mt Soledad.    

Happy 4th !!

Fireworks over San Diego

 To those that weren’t here for the fourth (V that would be YOU!) we missed you… you see  it’s still June gloom! 

XOXO,  Kates


3 thoughts on “San Diego Shows Independence – San Diego, CA

  1. Thanks Kates! Love your post…gave me back a little bit of home! I missed you guys too! (I remember those “before” 4ths on the beach…they were crazy fun! Someday we’ll have to hit a “floatopia” party together, lol!

  2. LOVE the updates/pics Katie!! Fireworks pic fantastic, cute doggie pics, too 😉 Glad to hear they are doing well…….

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