Giddy Up! – San Diego, CA

It’s RACE SEASON in Del Mar!!   The city comes alive with summer residence, big hats, white linen & searsucker, televisions tuned into the races and the restaurants and bars crowded on a night-in-night-out basis.

Del Mar Racetrack

Of course, I love any excuse to throw a party and the opening of the races is the best excuse this city has.   So for the past three years,   my old roommate Cathy & I have invited our friends over for brunch and then giddy on over to the races!  

Off to the Races!

So with opening day last Wednesday, this weekend was the annual event!  Always a good time, this year did not disappoint.  I really wish I could tell you I came back having won big.  Unfortunately, in the last three years I have picked up little about betting.    Oh no, my strategy is pretty much confined to choosing based upon favorite numbers, favorite colors and if I like the name of the horse 🙂    I personally think this is fun in and of itself…   

Where the Surf Meets the Turf

It’s almost bittersweet…  but no worries, next year there’s one more reason to come visit.  :p

XO.  Kates


3 thoughts on “Giddy Up! – San Diego, CA

  1. Looks like the day at the races was a blast! I need an update in regards to your last sentence….is there something I don’t know?!

    • Mmmmm, perhaps… we’d need a marathon length running date to dish!! eYou, we Skype… p.s. don’t let me forget to tell you deets on trip to your side of the pond.

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