115*F On a Cool Day – Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona in August. You probably think I’m crazy for visiting Arizona in August, I probably am…. I know I was crazy to try to run outside at 4pm last Friday. That part of the weekend didn’t work itself out so well. The rest, however, was fabulous. The weekend was completely about quality time with the Servino’s, Walter’s, Keuth’s & company. I won’t narrarate in-length, just with a few pics.

Hospitality is putting the morning newspaper outside my door at the Servino’s. And enjoying Bean & Cheese burritos every morning for breakfast at the Walter’s.

How much do we love the ability to work remotely…

Auntie Katie & The Tank.

The new form of living on the wild side… Taking 3 under 3 for Mexican.

Ramsey, Alissa, Me, The Tank (Ella), Dominic, Cyn & Ang

The boys had plans as well…

A night off without the kids… and they chose sleep over beer.

Alissa’s first time on ice… We’re NOT a fan of the rental skates!!

Matty & Katie K’s Engagement Party

Cyn, Ang & I

The Girls… our collective years of friendship is infinite.

Arizona was home for so many years, even if it was August it was so nice to be back. In sincerity, I’m supremaly fortunate to have the relationships I do and that everyone lives so close to eachother that I can walk from house to house and see everyone. So fab! So thanks, guys, for your hospitality… for my newspaper, bean & cheese burritos and buying houses that have guest bedrooms & basements 🙂

XO. Kates


2 thoughts on “115*F On a Cool Day – Phoenix, Arizona

  1. Katie it was wonderful to spend time with you this weekend!!! Reminds me of the old days when you lived in my kitchen nook back in college! Over 10 years later I’m so happy we’ve remained friends and always love hearing the stories of your life and travels!! What an amazing adventure you have and I’m so happy for you.

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