Across the Pond… – Dublin, Ireland

San Diego to Ireland to Brussels to Geneva in 9 days or less…

Time is a great story teller.

But was it only 72 hours I spent in Ireland??!!  Oh how I do love Europe, such a great time in Dublin.   Thanks to the city tour  I saw so much from the centre to the outskirts, St. Patricks to Guiness, Trinity to Grafton; a meet-up with my friend for the locale tour; then off to Leixlip for work and a bit of the town.  

A few memories:

The Streets of Dublin

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The Tapas part of the tour

Work @ Dublin Office.

Liking the Accomodations

Leixlip, Ireland

In Brussels now…  and unfortunately in round the clock meetings w/o pictures to share 😦  Though a fantastic biz dinner tonight… but why can’t I sleep!?!  Onto Geneva on Friday to visit V!!  Can’t WAIT!!! 

XOXO,  Kates


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