The Rest of Europe… – Brussels, Belguim and Lausanne, Switzerland

So I have been truly so behind with blogging it’s a bit ridiculous.  I have a good reason…  which I’ll update in the next post.  I just feel too bad in now at least first putting up a few pictures from the trip to Brussels & Switzerland last month.  You know, it’s interesting.  The day I left for Europe both my dog kennel and a co-worker commented on my somewhat blassey (to somewhat negative) attitude on the trip.   “You act like Europe’s a bad trip, Katie.”   Well, you know I travel to under-developed countries and try like to stay away from anywhere you can stay at a Marriott and/or Hilton.    This is neither here, there nor the other…  I went, had the best time and now have it in my head that Europe is in my near future.   I feel like the universe tilted, just a little bit.    I can’t believe I only spent 72 hours in Ireland for all that was packed in, to Brussels with co-workers for work & a bit of touring to Switzerland with Vanessa & Mark….  Oh how I want to go BACK!!   Oh dear Katie, add another wish onto the wishlist. 

Brussels, Belgium

I just loved this church.


If you look closely, it’s HP In Brussels.



Lake Geneva

Gruyere, Switzerland

Gruyere, Switzerland

V & I … Oh I miss you!!

Serving up the Fondue 🙂

Next up…  Hawaii w/ Cathy (now past but I still need to update the post!)  Then PUERTO RICO!!!!  Did I mention Guatamala & Honduras in November?  Pinch me, I’m lucky. 

xoxooooo…  Kates


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