Around, and Around, and Around we go… – San Juan, Puerto Rico

…  where we stop nobody knows.Oh welcome back to Puerto Rico!  Oh yessssss… I’m back on island for take #….  I’m not sure, I lost track 🙂   It was quite the time in San Diego leading up to my departure.   To say I was blocked in 6 minute increments is definitely not an exaggeration.   Between having friends in from AZ, friends in from PR, the trip to Hawaii, selling all my furniture, my car, bringing the dogs back to Arizona and getting in all my goodbye dinners, drinks & then a final Haloween bon voyage life has been crazy.   So good to be back on the island with so many stories but first I’ll share just a few pics of my last days in Cali. 

The Servino’s Come to Visit and somehow I only have pictures of Dom & I (how did that happen!??)

Oh look… found a picture of Patrick too (where’s Ang!??) And me ‘crying’ into the Sea Lion named Octopus (Dom’s cleverness there).

Ang… I am so sorry but Asia like Octopus more.

Cristy from PR comes to visit!!!

Known as the ‘goodbye tour’ we did EVERYTHING in San Diego, Temecula, Orange County, LA from Jack Johnson concerts to beachtime, EVERYTHING! So much fun.

La Jolla Wine Festival

It does not matter location… Cristy will know the PRns 🙂

LeValley from b-school, Cristy from PR & Roberto from PR

I sold everything but the kitchen sink (which wasn’t mine anyways 🙂

Had you wanted it you could have found this on Craigslist.  Asia not included. 

The donation before the donation pile…  You don’t want to see how large the real donation pile was! Thank you to Nicole for making donate probably about 300 books, Andy, Brian, Cathy & Jen for moving what was left into storage.

Loves of my life, Asia Lou & Tego Ray.

Best behavior for popcorn.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to my friend, G for giving up his home, his studio & hours of his time to take & edit over 400 pics that capture us so perfectly.

One final toast to San Diego


2 thoughts on “Around, and Around, and Around we go… – San Juan, Puerto Rico

  1. I love seeing every single pic, but am a bit partial to those wonderful grand-doggie pics! 🙂 Wish you were closer to rifle through those “donation” book bags! Hand-me-ups!! I know it was a whirlwind, glad you captured the fun times with friends.

  2. I really enjoyed seeing your life thru the pictures. It is wonderful that you have this opportunity. Can’t wait to see you at my house on December 18th.

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