Guatemala! – Antigua and Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Bienvenida a Guatemala…   Current location – Lake Atitlan.  Current Company – Soooooogy!   How the heck did I end-up in Guatemala of all places?

In case you missed it I went to grad-school with what became, and remains, a very close pack of friends.    One of my friends, Claudia, is getting married in Honduras next week…  Soogy, myself and two other guys from b-school (meeting up in Hondu) are all going.   We needed a bit of a side trip to make it all worth it, I’ve been to Costa Rica, Soogy’s been around Hondu and vwala we’re in Guatemala!   So here we are…

Or there we were last Friday through this morning in Antigua!  And then yesterday to go hike a volcano.  Few pics:

The ruins at Catedral de Santiago

Well that just took forever to upload!

The Streets of Antigua (not sure why they’re so empty in this pic!)

The place we stayed was gorgeous.

Oh my word is this SloOOOOoooowwwww….  haha,  apparently i’m not yet on ‘patient, vaca-mode’ 🙂

Hiking into Pacaya Volcano

Arriving in Lake Atitlan

Oh Gramma & Safs…  I wish you could have seen us pulling upto the place we’re staying:  the new dock laid down on a slab of limestone, pine trees all around, and the wood carved, laquered signs point you to the 350 steps  upto the hotel  🙂 .   What does that sound like !?!?   So the Volcanos in the background are a bit different but …  Flashbacks to the lakehouse are everywhere.

A room with a view

So tomorrow we’re off to find yoga and massages 🙂  Then to Guat City for hopefully no time at all to catch our flight to Tegucigalpa, Hondu just in-time for Thanksgiving dinner with Claudia’s family!



7 thoughts on “Guatemala! – Antigua and Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

  1. Sounds like you are having a great time! Love the lakehouse references 🙂 Great pics, too! Have fun . . . and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. I can’t believe the places you have been and what you are seeing and doing. We will have lots to talk about when you are here at Christmas. I can’t wait to see you. Happy Thanksgiving.

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