Stay-cation in Hondu!!! – Tegucigalpa, Honduras

I am so far behind in blogging…  I have more and more stories that I wish I was telling so I better catch-up!!  Or I might miss telling all my “a gringa in PR” stories.    And there are a few that are darn well worth the time. 

So starting where I left off…  and there I was in Lake Atitlan, Guate.   A magical, magical place.  

Lake Atitlan, Guate

Three Nights in Isolation

  Then onto Guat City, a not so magical place…  except Guate Friends, a guesthouse, run by a super cool American, his Guatemalan wife & kids.    

Making Friends in Guate City

And then Teguz, Hondu for what turned out to be quite the stay-cation and quite the time at the Marriott. 

The flight in….  with a glorious take-off from Guate City,  an interesting landing / connection in San Salvador and an even more interesting landing into the world’s second most dangeous airport (I know, I didn’t tell you before I went for a reason….) at night.  OY! 

Potentially a larger story behind this picture.

Around the mountains, then a nose dive into Teguz!! 😉

Thank you to Claudia & her family for dinner on Thanksgiving night!!  And thank you to the Marriott Teguz for providing accomodations that I didn’t want to leave (spa, massage, steam, sauna, gym, books, bar, friends, b0oks, bar, friends…. repeat)  for the entire stay.  My time in Hondu was all about the Marriott except the wonderful rehersal dinner at a Honduran restaurant, a night bar-hopping in Teguz and the wedding ceremony.     I mean, a part of me wishes I would have gone on the city tour that had a convoy of police escorts …  or maybe forgone the words of warning and walked across the street to Dunkin Donuts.   Just for the story..  Okok, my jesting is going to get me in-trouble with my Honduran beau 😉  

Speaking of stories, a night out in Teguz, ending my 10 year ban on Tequila….

 Sincerely, everyone was amazingly nice and simply precautious with a 300 person wedding with its fair share of gringos.   The wedding was gorgeous. 

…Feliz, feliz, feliz….

La Novia – Claudia, La Dama de Honor – Soogy y yo 🙂

Jungeando!!! (Spanglish but still works ;-p )

Soooooo good to be back with b-school friends!!!

A few shots of tequila, books, spa treatments, bff’s, one sprained ankle & a best man later…. don’t mind if I do 😉




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