Holidays – Puerto Rico and BVIs

Theme 1:  Christmas Cookies!  I’m not as good as my mother, but at least managed to make 5-6 batches.  My freezer and my diet hate me for it. 

Brown Sugar in PR does not melt. And you can’t find peppermint extract, nor other staple cookie goods.

Theme 2:  Home for the Holidays.  How much do I love family-time, Brandi Alexanders and Mom & Dad’s cooking!?  Much more than I love the heater set at 68* 😉

Freezing Outside, Cold Inside… Thank goodness mom lent me her Uggs.

Lukeee & Anna

Theme 3:  Wisconsin is even more cold, with even more snow.  How did I live there?

Welcome to Wisconsin!!

Calling all Safrans

Theme 4:  Welcome back to Puerto Rico!   Now I’ll tell you, I woke-up at 3am on the 26th to an email from United that my flight was canceled because of the storm.  How I got on the phone, convinced them to get me on two alternative, sold-out flights, just missed the storm by a few hours in IAD AND got upgraded the whole way home?  No idea….

On time out of IAD!

Made it back in-time for Hector in PR 🙂

Just a little man-hunt…

Theme 5:  Back to Paradise (a.k.a. the BVIs) for New Years!

Paradise… no you can’t really know where.

Until Next Year….

XOxoXOoooo…. Kates


4 thoughts on “Holidays – Puerto Rico and BVIs

  1. Love the pics, Katie! Next year…care package with all the “essentials” for Christmas cookies! “Jonathan’s tree” is STILL lit, though we have taken down all other signs of Christmas lights. Cheers us through gloomy January! Oh c’mon… 68 deg.downright balmy when you add layers of fleecy blankets! Still cannot believe you made it back to PR with that storm out east….whew! Love your PR/BVI pics. Can’t wait to share that warmth!! Love ALL your pics 🙂 Miss you . . . . .

    • Looooooove you, Ma Mere! I will take that care package and thank you in-advance for it! 🙂 AND will promise air conditioning in PR (in exchange for 70* next year 😉 J/K, Can’t wait to see you down here!!!!

  2. Love the pics and seeing you at Christmas and at your place in PR. Snowy Chicago is wonderful at Christmas but I much prefer PR in January. Luke is sitting on my lap looking at the pics and of course he likes the one of him best!

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