“What am I doing here?” – Singapore, Indonesia, Melbourne

 “What am I doing here?” – Arthur Rimbaud, writing home from Ethiopia

As I’m sitting down to write this post,  a few weeks tardy from my latest trip, a few more places visited and a few more world catastrophic events logged, I’m still at a loss of words on my travel and experience.

Stop 1 – Dallas:  Visiting Hector for a few days including Valentine’s Day, Cirque du Soleil, unfortunately work!      

V-Day Flowers

Stop 2 – Layover in Narita, Japan. 

Stop 3 – Singapore:  For a brief 1-day stay…  that gave me the oppty to meet-up with my friend and opt-in to a trip over the border to Malaysia as well.

Singapore’s New Jewel … Marina Bay Sands Casino.

Way to Much Food Eaten at the Hawker Market

Crossing into Malaysia. One More Stamp in the Passport.

Stop 4 – Indonesia:  Bintan Island, to be precise.  A little 5-day work outing…  which had me dying to get off the island by the end!  Though I have to thank Club Med – Bintan Island and the mediocre food for a  few pounds lost. 

Club Med – Bintan Island

Part of the APJ Team & My Amazing Race Teammates

I’m Not So Sure the Judge Liked My Answer to the Challenge of Creating a Sand Castle, but Hey it’s Efficient on Time!!

Stop 5 – Melbourne:   And that makes all continents touched by my feet outside of Antartica (I can save that for when I’m 50… )  Melbourne was nice,  driving on the otherside of the road for the first time was interesting, Melbourne roads, roundabouts and forks left me lost on more than one occassion!!

Lunch with Alice! So Fortunate We’ve Stayed Friends… (you can go back in posts to my writing on the Bangkok flight screw-up, I met Alice on the repurchased flight home… it all works out for reasons).

The Streets of Melbourne

Yarra River, Melbourne

The Gorgeous Cathedral I Encountered Along the Way

You’re Everywhere 🙂

I’ve always known I’m not the traveler that can spend months & months away living night-to-night from backpacker havens & hostels.   After 6 countries, 76 hours of flight-time (I don’t even want to know how many miles…), 2 ferries, 7 taxis,  2 buses and 3 cars (all wrong-side)….   Never have I wanted more than to just click my heels and repeat “there’s no place like home.”   Only slight problem;  yes, currently I have a residence but I have someone else’s furniture, dishes, decor and no home. 

On the Way into the Cathedral, Melbourne

So after a few weeks back in Puerto Rico, and one huge decision that while I love the island (and I do!!) it turns out my stay was ‘for awhile’ and that time is coming to a close….  So,  I’ve spent the last few days with family; reflecting, trying to get perspective, plan the future,  etc.  

Perhaps Gramma had the best words of advice.  In the front page of the Generations book on our family history that she handwrote and gave me years back she placed a poem and advised us to live life appreciating the words in  “The Station”  written by Robert J. Hastings.     (you can find the full poem here:  http://www.robertjhastings.net/)

“However, sooner or later we must realize there is no one station, no one place to arrive at once and for all.  The true joy of life is the trip.  The station is only a dream.  It constantly outdistances us.” – R J Hastings

I want the answers, I’m waiting for the crystal ball.  Though I know that I, like everyone else, am simply left to wonder  …  What or Where to Next?

xx.OOo.  Kates


6 thoughts on ““What am I doing here?” – Singapore, Indonesia, Melbourne

  1. Kates! So glad you got some family time after your crazy trip. Your Grandma is a wise women…that is a great quote! Hope you find the answers that you are seeking! Can’t wait to find out where your next home will be! Miss and love you! xoxo

    • V! Miss you, sister… Happy 3rd Anniversary, looks like an amazing trip you & Mark had yourselves!! MULU! – Kates
      (P.S. you should click on the link & read the whole poem, it’s a keeper.)

  2. Katie! I am SO jealous of all of your travels! Looks like things are going very well for you 🙂 Are you still working for ? P.S. I have offically started studying for the GMAT…eek!

    • Rachel! Yup, all still similar with work. Good luck with the GMAT… my advice is to get the official testing guide book with questions from previous tests. You’ll do great!

  3. Katie – thanks for the life update! 🙂 I know its been awhile since we have caught up, and I love reading about your adventures! Im thinking about you and wishing you all the best as you figure out where your next home will be….and of course selfishly wishing you will come back to SD! 🙂

    Keep us posted…xoxo. Meesh

    • Meesh – I’ll see you this weekend 🙂 You can guarantee I’ll always be back in San Diego to see everyone. Selfishly, I can’t live without you girls… XOXOoooo…. Kates

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