A Night in Rome – Rome, Italy

I had 24 hours to spend in Rome until I was off to Cinque Terre and then to Lake Garda for a friends wedding.  Lots to pack into the city in 24 hours or less (4pm flight in on July 16th > 4pm train out on July 17th).    So what should you do if you have only 1 night to spend?  Here’s the low-key expeditions that my friends and I prioritized when we only had a few hours to enjoy the Roman nights.

First,  we stayed at the Best Western Hotel Artdeco which was in walking distance from everything; affordable, clean and friendly staff.   

Arriving:  I only had a few hours to spend and so spent the money to take a taxi into Rome.  The taxi driver was super friendly, and knew enough English (though for me was easier to speak in Spanish).  There’s a flat fee regardless for city taxi’s to go from Rome into the city and so I spent 40Euros and got directly to my hotel.  I had a friend take the cheaper option with a train, I believe it cost only 15Euro or so.  I wanted the time savings though so gladly paid for a taxi (and got to see the city on the way into town).

Churches everywhere:  After checking into the hotel,  I simply walked the streets for an hour or so walking into whatever churches I saw along the way.   I love peacefully visiting churches in cities, so much history, architecture and it is one place where locals and tourists a like congregate together.    Additionally, each church is so different and unique regardless of the fact that most are catholic many are from different time periods. 

After meeting-up with my friends, we enjoyed a nice quiet dinner at a near-by cafe, and headed out to walk the sites and enjoy eachothers’ company by night. There are two major points of attraction to note.

Trevi Fountain:  The Trevi Fountain is one of the worlds most famous fountains, and lit up at night it is idyllic.   Roman tradition holds that  three coins thrown into the fountain will ensure you marry a Roman, return to the city and the third for charity.   The crowds are plentiful, it’s estimated that about 3K Euros are thrown into the fountain daily.   We were lucky enough to make our way upto the front to take pictures and throw our coins in for luck 🙂   Around the fountain there is a ton of activity at night with street vendors and cafes open.  We just sat back enjoying our second cafe of the night, a bit of wine and olives complements of the house. 

Piazza di Spagna & the Spanish Steps:  From Trevi, we walked our way over to the Spanish steps.  While there are restaurant right around the area, we took the cheaper option.  Located a food truck at the top of the stairs, bought a bottle of wine, found a few plastic glasses and passed the time people watching and drinking on the steps until they kicked everyone off at about 10pm.   We had such fun a bit tipsy walking around and people watching back to our hotel.   

One night in Rome was magical and great being with my friends that live in other states and countries made it a once in a lifetime night.

Xo.  K


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