A Day in Rome – Rome, Italy

With less than a day in Rome, before catching a train to Cinque Terre at 4pm I had a lot to see and needed a plan of prioritization.

At this point, it’s upto the individual what one major attraction you’ll give up hours waiting in line to see.  For some, including a few of my friends it was the Colosseum.  For me, it was Vatican city and Saint Peters Basilica.   That didn’t stop me from putting on my walking shoes, however, and tromping all over the city to see everything from the Colosseum, to the Imperial Forum, I may have accidentally almost got lost behind,  Pantheon, Trastevere, Piazza Navona, eating pizza near by, walking into countless churches, finding a bikini for the upcoming trip to Cinque Terre and making it to the train-station in-time to catch out train to Cinque Terre. 

A few pictures from the time:

Rome was great,  I saw just enough to know that if I never make it back there’s a lot more “inside” to visit…  and if not then I’m sure glad to have had the chance to come when I did!

Xo.  K


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