Euro Trip Part 2 – Prague

After a four hour drive or so from Munich we arrived in Prague, or Praha as it’s known in Czech.  Driving through the Czech Republic I found it amazing how the whole country smelled like a bonfire.  I couldn’t fire out why…  until Part 3 of the trip.

Our Stay

We booked our apartment with Old Town Apartments before the trip via  You don’t even want to know the deal we got.  There were 3 people, staying in a luxury apartment facing Old Town Square for 118 Euro / night.  I mean, amazing.

Prague Moments

  • I was attempting to train for a marathon when in Europe.  It’s a long story.  The moral of this story in Prague is running up the hill to the Castle is NOT for the faint of heart!!!  Gorgeous run that it may have been.  Hill UP!  
  • Other than the apartment that we stayed at, the best idea that we had was to do a walking tour.  We used Roman Bily to take us around on the Prague Overview Tour.  The man knows all sides of history…. and is not lacking in opinions on, well on anything really.  The tour was $49 per person for five hours.  We toured the Old Town Square with it’s famous Astronomical Clock dating from 1410, discussed the Jesuit’s stronghold in Prague, the disappearance of the Jewish people, walked the iconic Charles Bridge with all the Baroque statues,  saw John Lennon Wall, toured Prague Castle,  St. Vitus Cathedral,  Josefov the former Jewish Ghetto and learned about the Holy Roman empire.  In hours I was engulfed in a course in religious influence, communist politics, and architecture among other lessons.  With all sides of the influence represented, here are a few pictures to visualize the magnificence that is Praha…


  • Shopping,  Prague is like the Miami of Eastern Europe.  Thank goodness I left my big wallet at home.
  • Prague has a long history of music, with so many options we couldn’t not partake in a concert and chose to attend A. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at the Hall of Mirrors.

The Food

  • U Dvou Sester!  Not very famous, but mmmmmm, mmmmm.  Cheese, Goulash, Wine. And take home more wine 🙂

  •  The Wine Market:   A bodega of wine, cheese, meats plus desserts.  Need I say more?  

Oh Prague, I am sure I will come visit you again.  For now, however, I’m onto Kutna Hora.  I hear they have multiple UNESCO heritage sites and Bone Church……   Part 3…


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