Euro Trip Part 3 – Kutna Hora

45 minutes west of Prague is a cute little town named Kutna Hora.  Well 45 minutes when there’s no construction…  when there is, I hope you have a Garmin that helps you navigate your way through the Czech Republic.

Kutna Hora is famous for three UNESCO heritage sites that are located in the town.  A quaint town, it doesn’t take too long to locate the famous sites.  Given its size, it’s hard to believe that Kutna Hora battled with Prague back in the 13th century for political and economic importance.

The three UNESCO Heritage sites you’ll find located in KH include:  St. Barbara Church, Cathedral of Our Lady and Sedlec Ossusary (a.k.a. Bone Church).

St. Barbara’s Church is one of the most famous Gothic churches in Eastern Europe.  Its namesake is the patron saint of miners, suiting for a town that was once well known for its silver mines.  Tucked in the mountains, it’s absolutely stunning inside and out.

Sedlec Ossuary (a.k.a. Bone Church) is just about as interestingly creepy as you can get.  Walking around this unique church all I could think to myself was “from ashes you rise, and ashes you’ll return”  and “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”  It’s really hard to wrap your mind around how the bones of 40,000 people could be a shrine to a christian god.  It took a stretch, but ultimately I get it that the spirit and soul lives on in the name of god regardless of the human body.  Yup, a stretch.

And then we were back in the car, and on our way to the west side of the Czech Republic for one final stop to discover the fountain of youth in Karlsvoy Vary.


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