La Parcera en Colombia

Let me introduce you to the man in my life, my parcero – Juan Carlos – since this Colombian by birth was at the heart of my trip to Bogota.   Super lucky girl I am to have this guy to spend the weekend with in Bogota.

Starting with breakfast at the Juank’s favorite breakfast spot (La Bagatelle) with some of his favorite people…



There’s a few things about Bogota that really surprised me.  Not that I expected it to be reflective of the civil war era, nor overtaken by druglords…  but I definitely didn’t expect it to have an amazing balance of modern chic, and old world flare.

Colombia is also home to one of the world’s wonders,  Zipaquira, a cathedral built within a salt mine 180 meters under ground.  Entering and walking through one row after the other of crosses built into the salt excavation, ending with three naves and a massive sanctuary —  it is unimaginable even from pictures, and impressive.

IMG_9189 IMG_9208IMG_9197 IMG_9213IMG_9193

After an unforgettable day at Zipaquira, and unbeknownst to me, we switched it up just a bit and went Horseback riding….   Seemed a great, safe idea to go horseback riding — in the middle of the dark — in the middle of nowhere Suezca mountains  —  with a few very tired, and unruly horses (did I mention it was dark, and we were late?).  Actually Fandango (my horse) and me got along just fine after we had a few good conversations about how we’re friends, we’re relaxed, and he’s the best horse ever.  Okay, so it was kind of a one sided conversation (me to him) but I think he got the point.  Juanky’s horse did NOT seem to get the same memo,  unruly, untamed, unbearable he was….  And happy we were when we returned back to the Chatel to enjoy dinner and warm ourselves up with some  Candelazo (kinda like Colombia’s version of cider).

IMG_9229   IMG_9252

The next day we went back to the mountains, with the intention of rock climbing but got a little distracted by refajo (Colombian beer & soda mixed together) and mazorcas (corn) at a random ‘piqueteadero’ (open air building in the middle of no where that sells refajo, bbq meat, grilled corn, etc.)

IMG_9263 IMG_9268IMG_9270

…. and so replaced the rock climbing with a bit of a hike through the mountains instead… directly followed by a flat tire (don’t worry, with Parcero to the rescue it was fixed).

IMG_9341 IMG_9274IMG_9339IMG_9303

It seems the weekend went by so quickly!  We had just one final night out at Andres Carne de Res in Chia with Juanky’s team, a fake birthday celebration, a little bit of Aguardiente and a little soup to end the night and the trip.

IMG_9309  IMG_9349IMG_9318IMG_9333

See you again soon, Colombia!




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