About K8

Growing Up…

I’ve never known a life without travel.  Growing-up my family took frequent holidays  – annual spring break in Disney World,  November typically in Washington DC, 4th of Julyweek always in the Boundary Waters, most other holidays at my Grandparents lakehouse, not to disclude the “family vacation” somewhere new in August.    My childhood influences stuck…  work hard, keep balance, value family/friends and TRAVEL.

The Itchy Feet Syndrome….

I just can’t spend too much consecutive time in one place.   I consistently think about where I want to go next.   Some of the more interesting experiences that I’ve had include dancing w/ the Iraqis in Dubai, Safari in Tanzania, beach bumming in Zanzibar, Elephants riding in Thailand, Ziplining in Costa Rica,  touring Bethlehem w/ only my sister and armed guards,  going on Desert Safari through the saharan dunes, 3wks biz trip to Europe  in undergrad (oh the stories!!), scuba diving in the caribbean and bali, salsa’ing PR, hiking Jamaica and a score of other random stories…  I can’t believe some of the surreal moments I’ve had in life.  I love and highly praise randomness and think my openness has put me in some precarious, yet unbelievable adventures.  Only 1 more US state to visit but SOOOooo much left outside the borders.

When the North Wind Blows…

I just can’t seem to permanently root myself anywhere for long either.  I grew-up in Wisconsin then Chicago…  and since H.S. have lived (in-order) in Arizona, Chicago, Arizona, Detroit, Dallas,  Boston, Arizona, Chicago, Arizona, California, Puerto Rico, California, Puerto Rico, Dallas and now Miami.   Maybe this will be the place I’ll plant roots on a semi-permanent basis – just maybe.

The Experience List…. 

A few years back I sat down and wrote out 30 things I want to do while I’m alive.  Funny thing travel related objectives encompassed about 75% of the list.   My professional goals encompassed 3.33% (i.e. 1 / 30) …  and yet I’d spent SO too much time focused on my career and not enough time focused on the rest.  Since then things have changed and now I’m determined to use my list as a guide.  Yes, that’s right I have a list…. do you?

Current Status….

An extranjera in Miami.  And loving it.


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